7 things NOT to do if you can’t get an erection with a new girl


There is nothing more demoralizing than failing to get an erection with a new partner. This problem is increasingly common for young men. The reasons are many: porn-induced erectile dysfunction (ED), excessive masturbation, performance anxiety, or simply lack of experience.

This is no trivial matter. Such an awkward encounter could kill a potential relationship before it starts. You could also forever lose the chance to bed a once in a lifetime beauty.  The memories will haunt your mind and cause the “vicious cycle” – one failure leading to another.

The embarrassment and blow to your ego are excruciating. Reacting the wrong way will guarantee that you will lose face and have no chance of “round two.”

If the girl is a real bitch, you could face a cascading nuclear fallout of embarrassment. She only has to tell one friend to ignite a flurry of gossip in your social circle.

You can avoid these nightmares by simply NOT doing the following:

1. Don’t try to squeeze the base of your shaft and shove in your half-limp dick

erectile dysfunction
This only works if you have a decent “semi” and she is soaking wet. She probably won’t be wet because women get turned on by throbbing hard cocks, and you don’t have one. Have a little dignity, this isn’t going to work.

2. Don’t apologize.

This is MOST men’s first instinct, but it is bad on several levels. First, it comes off as weak and needy. An apology is basically you begging for her to soothe you and pat you on the head and say “It’s ok.” Second, it makes an assumption that you did something wrong – which you didn’t. Erections are involuntary. You don’t need to apologize for things beyond your control.

An apology also puts the responsibility on you while the cause VERY WELL MIGHT BE HER. It takes “two to tango” and perhaps she was not being a very good sex partner and doing her part to arouse you.

3. Don’t Cry

This may seem ridiculous, but it can happen – especially with a girlfriend or wife. You might be under the illusion that you can show your vulnerability. Don’t believe what they say on Oprah or in Cosmo magazine, women do not want a crybaby. She will never get the picture of you crying with your limp dick in your hand. She will instinctively begin to search for a more virile man.

4. Don’t get Mad

angry man with ED
Erectile dysfunction IS maddening. No – two – ways – about – it. You’ll likely get red-faced and want to pummel your pillow or throw your fist through the wall. This guarantees that the girl will never be alone and in bed with you again.

It will rightfully scare her and she won’t risk giving you the opportunity to fail again and get even angrier. Always relishing in being a victim, she will likely confide in a half dozen of her friends about the scary moment. Now you will be notorious for being impotent and violent – good luck with that.

5. Don’t indulge her pity party

Another common way that women react is to make it all about them. SHE might start crying and launch into a rant about her insecurities. “You don’t think I’m pretty,” “You aren’t turned on by me,” etc. This drama can cause a man to try to take all the blame by saying something like, “No, babe, you are great, something is wrong with me.”

First of all, it is OK for her to have some doubts about her performance. To diffuse the emotional squealing, you simply need to stay calm and keep it simple. For example, “No, you are sexy, something is just off, it’s no big deal.” OR you could go true alpha and say (with a playful grin), “Yeah, that was kind of mild, I think you can do better next time”

If she keeps on being hysterical, just tell her, “Listen, it’s not a big deal, if you don’t calm down I’m gonna get out of here.”

6. Don’t tell her it’s because you watch too much porn or jerk off too much

porn induced erectile dysfunction
You’re embarrassed and your instinct is to give an excuse. Many young men are becoming aware of the effects of porn-induced erectile dysfunction and excessive masturbation. It is only natural for this to be the first explanation that comes to mind, and it may be an accurate assessment. However, DON’T tell her that.

It is very, very unsexy to be a guy that jerks off to porn all the time. She will visualize this and lose attraction to you. You don’t need an excuse other than “Oh well, I guess something is off.”

7. Don’t be like me and learn these lesson the hard way.

I dealt with this problem for years. I have reacted in all of the above ways at some point or another. It was really a horror show. Millions of men end up in this embarrassing situation at some point in their lives – many chronically. Learn from my past failures and save yourself the pain.

I dropped everything in my life and focused relentlessly on curing my ED. I clawed my way to success through massive experimentation and learning from countless failures. In my book, I go into detail about the causes and the challenges that more young men are facing now more than ever. More importantly, the book is heavy on SOLUTIONS. I walk you through the process I took to completely eliminate any trace of ED.

We all have to start somewhere.

Before you can do the right thing, you have to stop doing the wrong thing. I hope this article puts you in stronger positions of confidence and dignity. Even a slight shift in attitude can be the difference between getting “another shot” and getting humiliated. By avoiding these pitfalls you can calm your performance anxiety and prevent the dreaded “vicious cycle” of performance anxiety from taking hold.

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