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10 Steps to Eliminate ED and Performance Anxiety

Ten actions that you can do TODAY and drastically improve your chances for success TONIGHT.
phenibut sexual performance anxiety cropped

Phenibut – Russia neutropic that cures sexual performance anxiety?

Phenibut eliminates performance anxiety while enhancing cognition. Best of all it is easily and safely available without a prescription.
doctor prescribing viagra young man2

How to get a Viagra prescription as a young man

There is an epidemic of erectile dysfunction with young men, but doctors cruelly refuse them help.
microdose cialis

Microdose Cialis to increase your flaccid size

Are you a "grower not a shower"? A small limp dick size can lower confidence and cause performance anxiety. Luckily, there is an easy solution.
red light therapy testicles

Expose your balls to red light and TRIPLE testosterone

I get noticeably hornier after 10 minutes and the science backs this up.
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A daily walk is like microdosing Viagra

It has literally the EXACT same chemical effect on your body. An essential part of staying in top sexual shape.

5 Things Women Do That KILL Boners

Maybe the problem isn't you, it's HER. Most importantly, what you can do to FIX her!

Gavin McInnes: Millennials aren’t having sex. WHY?

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media breaks it down.
morning wood erectile dysfunction

Don’t get “morning wood?” Read this now.

This is your body's way of telling you, "There is a serious problem!"
buzzfeed try guys low testosterone erectile dysfunction

Buzzfeed’s “Try Guys” have dangerously low testosterone

Sadly, they are representative of millions of young men who have been hormonally castrated. Have you checked your T-levels?