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morning wood erectile dysfunction

Don’t get “morning wood?” Read this now.

This is your body's way of telling you, "There is a serious problem!"
john travolta walking

A daily walk is like microdosing Viagra

It has literally the EXACT same chemical effect on your body. An essential part of staying in top sexual shape.

Gavin McInnes: Millennials aren’t having sex. WHY?

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media breaks it down.
millennials viagra erectile dysfunction party drug

Dick pills are #1 party drug for British Millennials

Recreational fun at the expense of long term impotence
microdose cialis

Microdose Cialis to increase your flaccid size

Are you a "grower not a shower"? A small limp dick size can lower confidence and cause performance anxiety. Luckily, there is an easy solution.