Expose your balls to red light and TRIPLE testosterone

red light therapy testicles

Red light therapy is a new approach to boost testosterone with no chemicals or ill side effects.

And this is important.

Testosterone is the most critical component to erectile function.  If you have enough, you will easily get hard in just about any situation.  Don’t have enough and, well, you won’t be having much sex.

Testosterone has also been in steep decline in Western society for the past two generations.  So you need to actively be taking action just to maintain natural levels.

From Men’s Health:

…studies on the effects of light on the testes go way back to 1939, when researchers exposed various parts of men’s bodies to UV light. They found that men’s testosterone levels went up by 120% when the participants’ chests were exposed to UV light, and they went up by 200% with UV exposure to the genital area. (This was the same study former professional baseball player Gabe Kapler cited back in 2015, when he advocated for tanning your testicles in a blog post that later went viral.)

The health and testosterone benefits of sunlight exposure are established science.  We evolved being outside in the sun everyday.  Only in modern times do we spend the majority of out time indoors under artificial lighting.

I definitely notice my virility going up when I spend a lot of time outdoors.

HOWEVER, most men simply don’t have time to be outdoors more.  I get it, day jobs and modern responsibilities.

Is there a shortcut?  Is there something that works quicker and can be done at home?

The answer is YES.

Red Light Therapy

…the theory is this: while sunlight has many beneficial effects, such as vitamin D production and improved mood, it is not without its downsides. Too much exposure to sunlight, particularly to sensitive areas like the skin around your precious ball sac, can create sunburn, excess radiation, inflammation and damage. And let’s face it: you don’t want a shrunken, shriveled, dehydrated dick, no matter how impressive the tan.

Red light, however, is different than sunlight. Red light is comprised of light wavelengths in the range of 600-950 nanometers (nm). According to red light therapy proponents, red light works to stimulate ATP production, increase energy available to the cell and in particular, increase the activity of the Leydig cells in your testes, which are the cells responsible for testosterone production.

The Men’s Health article does an excellent job of citing the hard data behind the effectiveness of red light therapy.

However, much of the article is essentially an ad for a very expensive ($995) red light device called a “JOOVV.”  The article is peppered with half a dozen affiliate links for said device.

There is a MUCH cheaper way

I am all about actionable and practical solutions to ED, advice for the modern working man that is short of time and money.  These kind of efficient solutions are entire focus of my book.

A cheaper alternative are red light therapy devices designed for acne treatment.

Caribbean Sun red light therapy boxThey use the same type of 600-950 nm red light LEDs that the expensive JOOVV device uses.  The are also conveniently smaller in size (about the size of your face).

600-950 nm light is all there is to the treatment.  The JOOVV doesn’t offer anything magical over the acne treatment devices.  (Another downside to the JOOVV is it is large and difficult to store.)

I purchased a red light acne device and would conveniently prop it between my legs while I was watching TV.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The result was a warm and comforting feeling in my ball sack.  It felt similar to laying out in the sun on a warm day.  My flaccid size would increase during the sessions and I would get spontaneous erections.

My horniness throughout the day noticeably increased and erections were easier to get after a few days of “red lighting” my balls for 20 minutes.

I purchase mine from Caribbean Sun.  You can also choose any other product that uses the same wavelength lights.

Other Benefits

Multi-use products are great, you get more for your hard earned money.

In addition to boosting testosterone, red light is effective at treating acne and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Use Red Light as part of a ED treatment system

I hope red light completely solves your ED problems for good.  However, in my experience, there were no silver bullets, but rather a combination of approaches that combined to completely cure my ED.

I recommend red-lighting your balls as well as addressing other physical and anxiety issues to really move on from ED once and for all.

Featured Image Credit: Men’s Health Magazine

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