Phenibut – Russia neutropic that cures sexual performance anxiety?

phenibut erectile dysfunction nootropic

In my extensive experience experimenting with all matters of prescription medications and other substances, Phenibut is the most beneficial substance I have encountered. I’ve found it to be a literal miracle with regard to sexual performance anxiety.

It’s inexpensive and legal to get without a prescription in most countries – including America!

Phenibut also helps with a host of other wellness issues – chiefly, quality of sleep. The morning after taking it, I’m refreshed and not the least bit groggy. I also have noticeable reductions in anxiety, my focus is more sharp and I’m more optimistic.

Sleep and a reduction of anxiety have direct effects on the ease of getting and maintaining erections. Plus it increases sex drive and confidence to meet and approach women.

Here is what you need to know about this amazing substance.

What is Phenibut?


Phenibut is used both as nootropic and a recreational drug. Since it is similar in composition to the brain chemical GABA, research and annecdotal reports have shown that it lowers anxiety, enhances mood and also produces other positive health-related effects. It has been utilized in Russian pharmacology since the 1960s and was originally developed and prescribed as a stress-relief that doesn’t impede cognition. It has also been used to treat a number of conditions, which include:

  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Depression
  • Alcoholism
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Balance disorders
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Appetite control
  • Other conditions

Sexual Benefits of Phenibut

7 of the 12 conditions listed above have a direct impact on sexual performance. Ask yourself, do you think you would perform better if you had good sleep, less stress, lower tension, no depression, lower anxiety, and less fear?

Phenibut does all of this without impairing or dulling your senses like most antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. In fact, it enhances your cognition. I find that I can notice smaller details of the sexual interaction – subtle body language cues, smells, and non-verbal communications, which increases my arousal and keeps my mind in the moment.

peaceful and sharp mind phenibut

While this drug doesn’t do anything to increase blood flow to your penis, it allows your mind to be energized and anxiety free AND be mentally clear. For 95% of young men with ED, this is what they need. If you are in remotely healthy condition, blood flow is not the problem, anxiety is!

Relationship Benefits of Phenibut

Phenibut can assist you both in meeting girls and more effortlessly building and maintaining relationships. The reason is that it makes you a calmer and sharper version of your natural self, while not making you a zombie like intoxicants or anti-depressants.

Calm, steady emotions are a trait of healthy testosterone levels. A small dose of Phenibut can be a socialization performance enhancer that gives you the calm demeanor that alpha males naturally have.

I consider nootropics like Phenibut as technologies, tools in my quest to live life in a state of optimum health and performance.

Pairing Phenibut with Viagra or Cialis

cialis and viagra tablets

While most young men do not require a vasodilators (blood flow enhancers) like Viagra, these ED drugs do indeed have a powerful effect on making erections easier to get and stronger once you have them. They have their place in helping young men, especially with the anxiety of being with a new partner.

In my book, I talk about the life changing results I experienced in my sex life when I could basically “guarantee” that I could get an erection when needed. This allowed me to break out of the “vicious cycle” where past failures made me worry about failing again.

I used to struggle with erections when with a new girl – no matter how much I was attracted to her and craved sex. I found that pairing a low dose of Viagra or Cialis with Phenibut to be a perfect combination for optimizing my physical and emotional condition.

I had previously paired Viagra with Xanax, but Xanax has an intoxicating and inhibiting effect that caused me to make some poor choices while “under the influence,” like having unsafe sex.

Phenibut Dosage and How to Use


Any Phenibut dose should be taken cautiously. The appropriate dose will hinge on several factors that include:

With scientific information being limited, determining an appropriate dosage range can be difficult. Since Phenibut can be considered an underground and unrestricted supplement, it may present safety concerns if taken without being properly informed.

Like many other supplements in the marketplace, improper dosing may render the experience useless in the best scenario, and harmful in the worst. Usually, if there are any directions on the supplement packaging or labeling, it is vital those guidelines be followed. Consultation with a natural supplement expert or a healthcare provider is always best before using any substance or supplement.

From personal experience and following an in-depth research of other users’ reports, there are certain rules that you should respect when taking Phenibut:

If it’s your first time, start small (250-500 mg)
Do not take a dose of more than 1.5 grams a day (1500 mg)
Do not take a dose more often than three (3) days in a week. Phenibut is known to become easily tolerated by the body, which may lead to addiction.

Where to get Phenibut

Where To Buy Phenibut erectile dysfunciton

Fortunately Phenibut is not regulated like a drug in most countries, instead it is treated like a supplement. This is a rare case where you can easily obtain it without getting a prescription or resorting to illegal or gray market means.

Like all supplements, you must find a vendor that has a long and established reputation for only selling pure, safe, and quality substances.

I’ve found Nootropics Depot to always maintain these standards and I trust them for my nootropic needs.

100% Moneyback Guarantee


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