Gavin McInnes: Millennials aren’t having sex. WHY?


Gavin McInnes was a co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine.  Since leaving that organization, he has continued to keep his finger on the pulse of popular culture.

This 7-minute video highlights an often overlooked tragedy – Millennials are having less sex than any previous generation.

Today, young boys and men are being punished in school, work, and society for being flirtatious and masculine.

High definition pornography suppresses sex drives and replaces healthy sexual relationships with meaningless and soul-killing video consumption.

Feminism has made women less sexually attractive by (ironically) reducing their femininity.

Testosterone levels are at all time lows.  Recently the Buzzfeed “Try Guys” (poster boys for Millennials) discovered they had shockingly low T-levels.

Many men can’t even get boners anymore because of this toxic environment.  Hell, Viagra is the new “party drug.”

It is an assault on all fronts.  Millennials are suffering massive casualties.  Sex lives, relationships, families, children – wiped out.

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