Don’t get “morning wood?” Read this now.

morning wood erectile dysfunction

A healthy man has erections EVERY night. You may not always have one at the exact time of waking up, but you should notice that it occurs at least 4 or 5 times a week.

Commonly known as “morning wood,” the scientific name is actually – nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). I am a simple man, so I will stick with the slang.

Why do you get morning wood?

Believe it or not, during the your brain releases a chemical called noradrenaline that inhibits erections (unless aroused). Thank God for that, or humans would never get anything done.

During sleep, the brain releases less of this hormone, so boners come more easily.

The second factor is that men think about sex all the time – even while sleeping. Although you usually don’t remember these dreams, your thoughts of sex are giving your uninhibited dick a hard-on – often 4-5 times per night.

morning wood man dreaming

Contrary to popular belief, your dick does not get hard to prevent you from urinating (although it does a pretty good job of it).

What does morning wood tell you about your health?

Two things.

Your blood flow and blood vessels are physically capable of creating and maintaining an erection.

Your testosterone levels are high enough for the chemical reactions in the arousal process to work properly.

If you are experiencing ED, morning wood tells you definitively whether you have a physical problem or a mental problem.

If you DON’T get morning wood, you have a physical problem.

If you DO get morning wood, but still have ED, your are suffering from performance anxiety or another psychological problem.

“I am a young man but don’t get morning wood. What should I do?”

Well, you either have cardiovascular problems or low testosterone. Both of these warrant a visit to the doctor.

You can start with a general practitioner.  The first thing I would request is a complete blood workup that includes testosterone levels (specifically request this).

Having all of your blood levels checked periodically is just smart anyways. The measurement of your testosterone levels will immediately show you if this is a problem.

Cardiovascular health can be improved with basic exercise and good diet. You don’t have to be an athlete to a have a fully functional dick, but you do need to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath.

What about “wet dreams” or nocturnal emissions?

In case you weren’t paying attention in sex-ed. Wet dreams are when you get erect and actually ejaculate in your sleep.

This is sometimes experienced during adolescence, and rarely in adulthood.

Don’t worry if you don’t have wet dreams. Many people never have this happen, even as a teen, and are perfectly healthy.

How to treat your ED – RIGHT NOW

While curing yourself is usually a long term process, I always keep in mind that men are desperate for immediate fixes as well.  I detail several strategies for immediate relief for ED in my book.

The stress of being in a new relationship and potentially losing it due to ED is excruciating. You don’t have months to raise your cardio and testosterone levels.

You can tackle the blood flow problem with ED medications such as Viagra/Cialis/Levitra. That is exactly what these medications were designed for.

erectile dysfunction drugs

The primary cause for ED in old men is poor blood flow. Drugs like Viagra dilate blood vessels – a very straightforward and effective solution.

If you are young, be careful with the dosage. A typical Viagra pill is 100mg, but you may only need 12.5mg to 25mg to give you enough of an advantage to restore function.

Low testosterone can actually be boosted pretty well in a short period of time. Immediately begin to exercise, ideally heavy weight lifting and sprints. Combine this with increasing you intake of quality, fatty foods.

fatty foods boost testosterone

Fat and cholesterol are building blocks for testosterone and a “heavy” meal can cause your T-levels to spike. Egg yolks, nuts, fatty meat, organ meat, coconut oil, avocados, etc. are all good choices.

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