Buzzfeed’s “Try Guys” have dangerously low testosterone

buzzfeed try guys low testosterone erectile dysfunction

The Buzzfeed “Try Guys” are a stereotypical group of beta male millennials that try various weird things and record their feminine reactions on YouTube.

If you have the misfortune to watch any of their content, you probably notice that something is a “little off.” You would be correct.

In one of their antics they tried to find out who was the most attractive “man.” One of the things they did was have blood work done to measure their testosterone levels.

They all had below average levels, and three of them had dangerously low testosterone.

From Dailywire:

The normal T-score for an adult male ranges from 270-1,070 ng/dL, with men aged from 25-34 averaging out at 617 ng/dL. Not one BuzzFeed beta male met the 617 ng/dL average; rather, all the men testing below the level of a typical 85-year-old male (376 ng/dL). Moreover, three of the four men tested below the average range, and the male with the highest testosterone level, Eugene, still had a relatively low T-score with 363 ng/dL.


Testosterone is what make a man a man

Among many other things, testosterone increases sex drive and sexual function. It also has a profound affect on how a man thinks. This is why the “try guys'” YouTube antics are very feminine in nature. I mean, what kind of “man” has a contest with his friends over who is “hottest?” Low T is causing them to think like females.

Their T-levels are so low that it constitutes a medical condition that requires treatment. They are also completely missing out on the experience of being a man, suffering similar symptoms to someone who has been actually castrated.

If I was a betting man…

It is all but guaranteed that all four of these “men” have little to no attraction to women or drive to actually have sex.  They likely don’t even get morning wood.

In the remote possibility that they have an opportunity to have sex, such low T-levels guarantee that they will experience difficulty or complete dysfunction in the arousal and erection department.

They are not freaks – they are the new normal

A very sizeable percentage of Millennial men suffer from low testosterone levels.

The reasons are pretty well known, but hard to combat.


Modern lifestyle is sedentary and the most lucrative jobs in the modern economy require sitting in front of a computer under fluorescent lighting for 10 hours a day.

The male body requires routine athletic activity and exposure to sunlight and most are not getting it.

On top of that, processed food and chemical pollutants crippling men’s hormone systems.

The near universal use of the birth control pill by women results in the water supply being tainted with estrogen. Hell, male fish in polluted rivers are actually becoming female.

This is Millennial men’s biggest challenge

The erectile dysfunction (ED) epidemic among young men is directly tied to lowered testosterone levels.

Not only is ED lowering the quality of men’s lives, it is literally threatening men’s abilities to reproduce. This is quickly becoming an extinction level problem in modern cultures.

If you suffer from ED, the first thing you need to do is prioritize your health – increases in testosterone will follow.

You will rediscover how men have always lived and felt until the most recent generations.

Your entire state of mind will change to be more confident and assertive. Your physical attractiveness will increase and you success with women will skyrocket. Men will respect you more and monetary success will increase.

Most importantly, you will never have to worry about sex – ever – again. At every sexual opportunity you will be primed and ready to go, and then go again.

I did it and so can you

I successfully (and naturally) increased my testosterone from the low end of average to significantly above average.

My book’s two largest areas of focus are increasing testosterone and eliminating performance anxiety. These problems are the typical physical/mental combination that afflicts young men with ED.

You do not need to be a “roided out” body builder to have optimum sexual performance. I outline a pragmatic approach that can be easily accomplished by any man and only requires minor adjustments to your diet and activity.

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